How To Enhance Your Vaping Flavor

Getting a flavorful hit is about more than just the type of eliquid you choose, though that certainly does play a big part as well. There are many different things that can influence how strong and good a flavor is.

Firstly, the settings on your e-cig plays a big part. You could have the most flavorful eliquid in the world, but it wouldn’t mean a thing if you don’t choose the right vape settings. Each liquid has its own temperature that will release the most flavor. While some liquids will give you a guide, most won’t. Experiment from the lowest setting upwards until you find the temperature that is perfect for that liquid. Take note of the different temperatures needed for each liquid in order to get the best vaping experience each time.

You can’t have huge clouds and huge flavor. The bigger the cloud, the higher your airflow is. While it may be satisfying to make huge clouds, it drastically reduced the flavor. For vapers who are all about the flavor, switch off your airflow. It might not look as cool, but you will be getting a richer flavor. On the other hand, some flavors are enhanced with a bit of airflow. Experiment from your lowest airflow setting upward to see which suits you best.


Other things that influence the flavor include the type of wick you use, how clean your equipment is and the quality of the liquid. Choose cotton wicks for the best flavors and remember to always clean your equipment before each vaping session. Choosing a liquid is important, make sure the one you choose has a strong flavor. Remember that flavors like menthol are often hard to clean from your e-cig and will leave behind a menthol taste even if you use other liquids.

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